Positive Behaviour Change Solutions and Partners in Recovery invite you to a:

2 Day Motivational Interviewing Workshop

(Introductory / Intermediate)


Motivational Interviewing (MI) offers a way of interacting with a person that is collaborative, empathic, respectful and compassionate. It can help practitioners to build respectful and engaged relationships, evoke a person’s internal resources for change, and assist in strengthening a person’s own motivation and commitment to change. As a key guiding principle, MI supports a person’s autonomy and honours them as the expert in their own lives.

MI can be used to support people in a respectful way that decreases defensiveness, builds strong working relationships and enables people to remain engaged in the difficult process of change. This helps to increase the likelihood that a person will attempt and sustain change towards a specific goal.

This two day workshop will provide an overview of the values and process of MI and introduce the opportunities to use some of the recommended approaches and skills. The workshop is structured around the importance of:

  • Collaborating and developing a strong therapeutic alliance,
  • Clarifying a person’s goals and barriers to change,
  • Evoking a person’s own reasons for change and
  • Discussing approaches to planning that can assist change.

MI has a strong focus on `doing’ rather than `knowing’. The workshop will provide participants with introductory skills of this therapeutic approach. This workshop is suitable for people with no previous experience, however participants with prior exposure to MI will have a chance to deepen their skills through coaching and feedback within a supportive environment.

The workshop links the processes and skills of MI through presentation, demonstration and practice based exercises. Participants will finish the two days by bringing these component skills into an integrated practice session. The workshop is designed to be accessible, interactive and practical.

About Partners in Recovery

Partners in Recovery (PIR) provides support to people with severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs in an integrated way. PIR takes an inclusive approach to supporting people by recognising that natural supports such as families, friends and other community services are important supports for people.

This training initiative is open to services having contact with people with mental illness and complex needs.